Product Care

We understand that over time, your hat may get a little dirty. Here are a few tips to help keep your hat in its best condition:

Lamb Leather

To help preserve and protect the leather’s soft feel, moisturize and polish the leather with high-quality leather oil (use appropriate oil according to the colour of the leather). Apply the oil with a soft cloth. You may also apply a leather waterproof sealer using the same method. Be sure the sealer can be used particularly for lambskin leather.

Store your lambskin leather hat in an airy, cool, dry place. The space should be dark as direct sunlight will dry and fade lambskin leather.

Lamb Suede

Any dust or dirt that has accumulated on your hat may be cleaned off by using a suede cleaning brush. Don't go back and forth: brush repeatedly along direction of the grain. Once you get off this layer of grime, your hat should already look newer.

If your hat is stained with water, gently dab with a cloth till it’s dry, then brush gently using suede cleaning brush along the direction of the grain to get back the original look.

Ostrich Leather

When cleaning any ostrich leather surfaces on your hat, first, brush away any dust or dirt, paying close attention to detail areas where dust and grime can collect. A cotton swab can be used to get into these small areas and remove any dust before any cleaning products can be applied. Once this is done, you may apply a thin layer of ostrich leather shampoo/conditioner to the surface of the leather and allow it to dry completely. Once the shampoo/conditioner has dried you can then buff the leather with a soft dry cloth in a circular motion. 

Never use detergents or chemicals to clean the ostrich leather surfaces of your hat as this can result in permanent damage.

Python Leather

If the python leather gets dusty or dirty, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it down. If a stain exists, soak your cloth in a small amount of water and dishwashing liquid and carefully blot at the stain to remove it.

Protect python leather from the sun and other elements of heat. This will cause the leather to dry out and crack, and the color will begin to fade. Once this happens, the leather cannot be repaired.

In the event your python leather does get wet, let it dry naturally. Don't use any heating elements that will further damage the leather.


Leather is a natural material and is therefore subject to change from hide to hide and with daily use. Changes in the colour of the leather and signs of wear are normal. Irregularities in the consistency and depth of the colour in each hat should not be considered a fault but inherent of the natural beauty of the leather. All product care tips listed above are strictly suggestions. Any leather care products mentioned are not provided and are to be purchased at the customer’s own will. 8EIGHTY8 will not be held liable for any damages that may occur during the cleaning and treating process.